Canadian Workplace Facilitated Course

Our interactive and practical online courses help newcomers to Canada find opportunities in the hidden job market, and develop insights into Canadian workplace expectations so that when they get the job, they keep it.


3 webinar section overviews and 3 live Q&A sessions. Upon completion students receive a Certificate in Intercultural Competency, Canadian Version.

For only a $297 one time payment you get this three course package with practical solutions to your work search problems!


Course 1.  Understand Canadian employers and managers

Learn how to be more effective in your intercultural communications and more confident in your understanding of Canadian business expectations. You will learn about applying for jobs, interviews and basic Canadian business protocols.

Course 2Finding and keeping work in your field

Learn everything you need to find the hidden job market with the back door tips that are much more likely to land you a job in your field of expertise. You will find out how to create a stunning LinkedIn profile, how to get from online to a real person and from an interview to a job offer.

Course 3.  Sensitive issues that come up once you have found work

Learn about the kinds of intercultural misunderstandings that could cost you your job if you don’t know how to resolve them quickly. You will be introduced to ways to understand what could be considered a mistake at work in Canada, how to overcome values differences, gender expectation disconnects and what to do when you face discrimination at work.

Course 1: Understand Canadian employers and managers
Course 2: Finding and keeping work in your fields
Course 3: Sensitive workplace issues
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